Mike Kanellis posts handheld video of Bobby Roode-Mojo Rawley fistfight on Raw

Bobby Roode stands up to Mojo Rawley: Raw, July 30, 2018

The Glorious One attempts to cease the bragging of the arrogant Mojo Rawley.

Last night, Mojo Rawley and Bobby Roode threw down in the locker room after the former started hurling insults at everybody within earshot. Unbeknownst to them, somebody other than the Raw cameramen was rolling when the fight broke out.

Mike Kanellis, who was among the Superstars Rawley had trash-talked, was looking at baby pictures his wife Maria Kanellis sent him on his phone when the fists started flying. Kanellis astutely flipped over to the camera and started recording, posting the handheld footage to Twitter in the middle of the show. It’s sorely lacking a face-melting ’80s power ballad soundtrack, but it’s a pretty good watch nonetheless. Check it out below.

On a side note, Kanellis had a pretty good follow-up, meme-ifying his own reactions to Rawley’s boasts. Maybe Bobby Roode isn’t the only one Rawley has business with in the ring.

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