Maryse stars in Syfy’s “Isle of the Dead”

Maryse stars in Syfy’s “Isle of the Dead”

Syfy’s latest original movie, “Isle of the Dead,” pits WWE Superstar Maryse against hordes of zombies in an intense action thriller!

The story begins 10 years ago, when an Army research post on a remote tropical island was decimated by a strange new virus. Now, a team of SEALS on a recon mission has gone missing on the island. When a Strike Team arrives to rescue them, they must deal with an onslaught of zombies. As they fight their way to the old lab facility, they realize that the Colonel in charge of the research station (D.C. Douglas) is still alive and still experimenting — the zombies are his creations, and every new wave the team faces is more vicious and ghastly than the one before.

Starring alongside D.C. Douglas and Joey Lawrence in her first lead role, Maryse portrays CIA operative Mikaela Usylvich.

“Mikaela is a CIA agent that’s trained to work with bioweapons, and she’s a really intelligent woman who has been working with those weapons and viruses her entire life,” Maryse said about her character.

“I did my own stunts and I do the French Kiss at the end of the movie – so the WWE Universe will recognize the finisher that helped me win all my championships in WWE,” Maryse added.

When asked if the WWE Universe will see a different side of the former Divas Champion, Maryse said: “The film is dark, there’s a lot of fighting and fans will be like, ‘Whoa, really Maryse?’”

“Isle of the Dead” premieres tonight at 11 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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