Maria and Mike Kanellis announce they are having a baby

Maria Kanellis reveals she is pregnant

Maria Kanellis announced via Instagram that she and her husband Mike Kanellis are having a baby. Join Cathy Kelley in wishing the parents-to-be all the best in this breaking news edition of WWE Now.

The Power of Love just got a little bit stronger, as Maria and Mike Kanellis have announced that they are having a baby! Maria took to social media to reveal that she and her husband Mike are expecting. 

Talking to, Maria revealed that she actually found out the big news while heading to a SmackDown LIVE event. "I was feeling really funny. Once we got off the plane, I just knew that something was up. We took a test that night and found out that I was pregnant, but we didn't know how far along I was," The First Lady of SmackDown LIVE said. "So, we wanted to wait to tell everybody, but let me just say, it was the most difficult day — having that information and going through a whole day with the entire SmackDown LIVE locker room and not being able to say anything about it."

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The Power of Love is Strong.....And BABY makes 3. Mike and I are happy to announce I am 13 weeks pregnant!! Life is what happens when you are making other plans. This is the universe's plan for us. Last year Mike and I tried to expand our family when we had a lighter schedule and this year we thought we had put those plans on hold but apparently that is not what is meant to be and we are so happy for our new path. Mike has wanted children for a long time (he is gonna be a very good daddy) and my biological clock just recently started ticking!! Timing is everything and now is our perfect time for family. As far as the future... WWE is and has been my dream job and I plan on coming back with my doctor's approval after the baby is born and get's plenty of mommy time. But, until then, I will be posting my REAL updates on my social media accounts. There is so much pressure to have the perfect pregnancy, gain the right amount of weight, and be super stylish. But, let me just say I've gained 7 pounds, been nauseous everyday, and wore yoga pants every day since 6 weeks. I'm not perfect. Haha... life is messy. My husband is a recovering prescription drug addict, we are in the middle of buying a house, we are moving across county, and I'm pregnant!!! I figure I can either stress or feel blessed. I feel blessed. I choose happiness. WE choose happiness. Thank you to our families, friends, WWE, and the fans for all of the support! Let's continue building the #PowerofLove with my husband on Smackdown Live. Because the Power of Love is Real. I have the picture to prove it..... #MiraclesHappen #LifeHappens #thentherewerethree #alieninvasion @therealmichaelbennett @wwe Love, Maria and Mike and BABY 🍍+🐞=👽

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Maria also revealed that she is due April 2, right in time for WrestleMania season. "I'm sure it's going to happen right on WrestleMania," Maria said laughing. "I've already talked to Mike and told him that if he has match, he has to go and be [there], but I'll definitely be Facetiming him with the baby afterward! There is definitely something to it being our first year in WWE and our first baby, so it's a very exciting time!" congratulates Maria and Mike as this exciting new chapter in their lives begins. 

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