Jimmy Fallon receives a Southpaw Regional Wrestling T-shirt from John Cena

Watch out, Chett Chetterfield. Jimmy Fallon may be coming for your job.

John Cena stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to help spread the word about WrestleMania — airing April 2 on WWE Network, as Cena enthusiastically reminded the audience — and came bearing a gift for the host. On the heels of the breakout success of the new WWE digital series, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, which follows the misadventures of a smalltime 1980s wrestling promotion, Cena gifted Fallon with a highly coveted T-shirt bearing the show's logo, and credited Fallon's popular "Cupid's Arrow" skits for inspiring the show.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling is finally unleashed: Southpaw Regional Wrestling - Episode 1

The discovery of a VHS cassette reveals the bizarre and hilarious history of a wrestling promotion once thought lost to time: Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

WWE fans are already clamoring for Southpaw merchandise and a second season of the show on social media. Perhaps we'll see Fallon pop up on an episode if the series returns? Lance Catamaran could certainly use a more qualified co-host. Sorry, Chett.

Get your hands on the official T-shirt, available now on WWEShop.com.

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