ESPN to air “30-for-30” about the XFL

ESPN to air “30-for-30” about the XFL

ESPN will air a “30-for-30” on the XFL titled “This Was the XFL” on Feb. 2 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN. The documentary will cover the history of the alternative football league and the relationship between its creators: WWE’s Vince McMahon and NBC’s Dick Ebersol.

They founded the XFL in 2000 and the first and only season kicked off in February 2001. The league was meant to be a competitor to the NFL and gained notoriety for its different rules and flair.

Charlie Ebersol directed the documentary on the short-lived league, and he told that the experience taught him a lot about friendship and taking risks:

“I grew up on the sidelines watching my father and Vince enjoy incredible success with just about everything they touched, and then, along came the XFL,” said director Charlie Ebersol. “I saw them take bold creative risks, face unparalleled success and failure with dignity, but most importantly they maintained and celebrated a friendship where most would have cut and run. I learned more about integrity and character in those 18 months than just about any other time in my life, so when ESPN Films asked if I wanted to tell the story of the XFL, I jumped at the opportunity because I knew that the real story was that of an unbreakable friendship.”

Check back with for a trailer and more information in the weeks leading up to the Feb. 2 premiere.

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