Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

Let’s talk about tag teams. For a long time, the perception in some circles was that WWE’s duos division was on something akin to life support, but if that was ever the case, the scene is alive and thriving now. Raw, SmackDown LIVE and NXT all boast a roster of tag teams that defy expectations, from two trash-talking Tri-Staters to a trio of guys who may well be unicorns to a couple of bona fide Australians. In other words, business is a-boomin’ in the Tag Team division, so WWE.com editors decided to put on their fan hats and stump for their personal favorites in the tag team world.


Enzo Amore & Big Cass (Raw)

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

Any list of the best tag teams currently in WWE would be completely inconsequential without the names Enzo Amore & Big Cass. Fuhgeddaboudit! Since they emerged on WWE NXT, this dynamic pair have established themselves as the perfect combination of speed and power, talker and terminator, charisma and intimidation. One need only ask the WWE Universe, who responds to every word they say and boos any haters. It won’t be long until this bold tandem steps over the SAWFT competition to claim their rightful place as WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. — MICHAEL BURDICK

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa (WWE NXT)

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

In the span of a year, Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa have gone from independent scene standouts to top contenders in NXT’s Tag Team division and beyond. Gargano’s pure wrestling ability, heart and determination, combined with Ciampa’s smash-mouth offense make them a force to be reckoned with in any Tag Team division. They’ve proven just that since their NXT debut, defeating teams like The Vaudevillains and The Revival. Their work ethic may be best described as “DIY” – “do it yourself” – but together, Gargano & Ciampa have shown that they can accomplish anything. — BOBBY MELOK

The New Day (Raw)

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

The New Day have been WWE Raw Tag Team Champions for more than a year. Case closed. No, seriously. That should be enough to earn the distinction of the best tandem in WWE. If you need more convincing, however, just look at the impact Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E have had on WWE as a whole.

The New Day’s power of positivity has transcended their success inside the ring. Peer out into the WWE Universe and you will see WWE fans wearing unicorn headbands and eating boxes of Booty-O’s. If that isn’t greatness, I don’t know what is. — SCOTT TAYLOR

American Alpha (SmackDown LIVE)

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

There are few things more gratifying as a sports fan than to see the team on the “come up.” Whether it be Magic Johnson and the Showtime L.A. Lakers in the ‘80s, Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys in the ‘90s or American Alpha slowly becoming the most popular, and dominant, team in all of WWE today.  And much like Grand Amplitude, it just takes your breath away.

Everyone knows about Jason Jordan & Chad Gable’s pedigrees as athletes and performers. What is being vividly learned right now, though, is that they are not just surviving but absolutely thriving under the bright, blue lights of SmackDown LIVE.

Gable’s knee injury may have temporarily halted their ascent, but rest assured they will be back better, faster and stronger … along with another catchy three-word phrase.— RYAN PAPPOLLA

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Raw)

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

There have been many WWE Superstars with side hustles — dentists, accountants, hockey players and even plumbers spring to mind — but Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson have made names for themselves as the squared circle’s first “retirement specialists.” Developing a penchant for ending careers after assaulting The Dudley Boyz during the icons’ final night in WWE, these bald brawlers now aim to force teams in their prime — including The New Day — to hang up the boots early. In just a few months since they arrived together in WWE, Gallows & Anderson have become Raw’s most dangerous tandem, and they’re just getting started. — JAMES WORTMAN

The Usos (SmackDown LIVE)

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

Jimmy and Jey Uso have been a tag team since birth. They know each other’s next move before they even set up for them, creating a chaotic pace that keeps opponents on their heels.

The two-time champions have been pushed aside throughout their careers by other tandems, but as they showed by attacking Chad Gable during the SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament, they’re done with second place.

In a scene full of upstart teams like American Alpha and new pairings like Heath Slater & Rhyno, The Usos have the experience and chemistry no other tandem can even remotely match. — JEFF LABOON

Why did The Usos attack American Alpha? : SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 6, 2016

An irate Jimmy and Jey Uso sound off about the lack of respect they feel from American Alpha and the WWE Universe.

Breezango (SmackDown LIVE)

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

In the profound words of Fandango, the tag team of he and partner Tyler Breeze came together like “two awesome, beautiful magnets.” Deep, huh? And you thought these two were just a pair of pretty faces.

Although not shy about flashing their chiseled features, Breezango has also proven adept and quick-witted, their chemistry both in and out of the ring a triumph to behold. Granted, their win-loss record could use a major makeover, but ever since teaming four months ago, Fandango and Breeze have brought star quality to their matches that’s every bit as sharp and powerful as their jawlines. — GREG ADKINS

The Revival (WWE NXT)

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

Yeah, I said it: Two mean-mugging dudes in satin jackets are WWE’s best tag team in 2016. Yet the similarities to The Enforcers go beyond wardrobe choices; Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder are bringing back (reviving, if you will) tag team wrestling in its most basic, effective form. They operate as a perfectly cohesive unit, they almost never resort to cheating, and they’re the rare Superstars content to let their body of work alone (first-ever two-time NXT Tag Team Champions) speak for itself. Case in point: The NXT crowd once tried to troll their lack of individual identifiers by chanting “Which one’s Dawson/which one’s Dash?” Easy. They’re the ones who won. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

Editors’ Choice: Who’s the best tag team in WWE today?

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