Diamond Dallas Page to appear on Syfy’s “Superstition”

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page is set to appear on Syfy’s hit show “Superstition,” tonight at 11/10 C. “Superstition” takes place in La Rochelle, a town in the Deep South where superstitions, ancient myths and legends are real, and centers on the Hastings family. In addition to owning the only funeral home and graveyard in town, the Hastings also provide “afterlife care,” specializing in dealing with the supernatural.

On tonight’s episode, DDP joins the cast as Travis, a local bartender with a mysterious past. Although he's never directly confronted the town's other-worldly elements, strange happenings at his nephew's military base prompt Travis to seek out the Hastings and make him more than ready to dish out the BANG!

Don’t miss “Superstition” on Syfy, tonight at 11/10 C.

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