Colin Jost responds to Braun Strowman wrecking gifted car


Maybe he should’ve gotten the insurance? That’s what Colin Jost is thinking after the “Saturday Night Live” mainstay watched Braun Strowman go full “Wreck-It Ralph” on a brand-new car he "gifted" The Monster Among Men on Raw. Jost’s kind gesture was his way of sliding in a peace offering to Strowman following their contentious encounter during the March 4 edition of Raw.

But, seeing as how things didn’t quite go according to plan – with Strowman even promising to gift him a pair of “These Hands” – Jost took to Twitter with another “attempt” at striking an accord.

When Jost and his “Weekend Update” co-host Michael Che arrive at WrestleMania to fulfill their Special Guest Correspondent duties, they’d best avoid Strowman — fortunately for them, he’s easy to spot.

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