Bruno Sammartino honored in Pittsburgh with Dan Marino and Andy Warhol

Bruno Sammartino honored in Pittsburgh with Dan Marino and Andy Warhol

The City of Pittsburgh honored Bruno Sammartino, Dan Marino and Andy Warhol Tuesday with two plaques outside the neighborhood of South Oakland, which was the childhood home for all three three icons.

The WWE Hall of Famer’s journey from scrawny kid to one of sports-entertainment’s most recognizable icons started in Oakland, and he was honored that the city recognized his home.

“I am very deeply touched by it,” Sammartino said to WTAE Pittsburgh. “I’m very grateful they felt me worthy of this honor with these other guys and I appreciate it very much.”

The sign originally read “Welcome to South Oakland: Childhood home of Dan Marino and Andy Warhol,” but at Marino’s urging, the city decided to rededicate the sign in 2016 to include Sammartino.

The Living Legend was a childhood friend and high school classmate of the Hall of Fame quarterback’s father, who had fond memories of Sammartino.

“My dad would always say, ‘Why the hell is Bruno’s name not on that sign? Bruno should be on that sign,’ ” Marino said Tuesday.

Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto praised the Superstar, quarterback, and artist for their legacies at the event and noted how amazing it is that so much excellence called the same streets home.

“If you think about it, there are probably few places on Earth where, within a few blocks, three people rose from three fields to become internationally known.”

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