Becky Lynch joins Good Mythical Morning and FBE for a bit of fun before WrestleMania

In anticipation of the first-ever Women’s main event at WrestleMania – and her opportunity to become the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion in a Winner Take All make against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair – Becky Lynch decided to have a little fun and join Good Mythical Morning and FBE on their respective YouTube shows.

On Good Mythical Morning, The Man participated in a game of “Can We Destroy It?” with hosts Rhett and Link. If you’ve ever wanted to see Becky Lynch destroy a guitar with a mannequin leg, check out the video below:

The Man also returned to FBE for another round of the “Try Not to Laugh/Move/Get Mad Challenge.” Lynch previously participated in a “Try Not to Laugh Challenge,” and did in fact break out in a fit of laughter while watching videos. This time around, FBE is having The Man run through the challenge gauntlet-style and react to clips of herself, tweets between her and her nemesis Ronda Rousey and more. Check out the video below:

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