Becky Lynch goes head-to-head with Chris Jericho on Twitter


Like the rest of us, Chris Jericho was pretty wowed at the spectacular brutality of Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series last night, and he sees WrestleMania main event potential in the Women’s division right now. Unfortunately, Jericho was apparently a little too generous in pointing out who, exactly, was responsible for the great leap taken by the ladies’ locker room in recent weeks.

Yes, Jericho’s wide-ranging compliment caught the attention of The Man, a sentiment that should be enough to make the Grand Slam Champion shudder with fear given the recent savagery Becky Lynch has inflicted upon Rousey in recent weeks. Jericho nonetheless attempted to engage The Irish Lass Kicker while also giving credit where credit is due. You can judge for yourself how that worked out for him.

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