WWE fan Lindsey Kelk highlighted in “ESPN Fan Stories” short “All Hail the Queen”

“ESPN Fan Stories” presents “All Hail the Queen”

WWE fan Lindsey Kelk is the subject of “ESPN Fan Stories’” latest short.

The latest installment of “ESPN Fan Stories” steps into the world of WWE with a look at WWE fan Lindsey Kelk — or, as she prefers to be known, The Queen.

“All Hail the Queen,” a two-minute short film directed by Katelyn Howes and Melissa Johnson and produced by an all-female team, traces Lindsey’s English mining-town origins to her eventual rise as a novelist and powerlifter, with her WWE fandom as both the through-line of her story and cornerstone of her body-positive outlook. It also takes a look at Lindsey’s trip to WrestleMania 35, which featured the first women’s main event in the show’s history.

Take a look at the short above.

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