5 Andre the Giant dream matches

5 Andre the Giant dream matches

A larger-than-life Superstar and personality whose impact on sports-entertainment and pop culture has resonated for decades, Andre the Giant battled legends like Big John Studd, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. But what if he competed today? In celebration of the life of the iconic Eighth Wonder of the World, here are five modern-day WWE Superstars that could have had legendary encounters with the first-ever WWE Hall of Famer.

Roman Reigns

5 Andre the Giant dream matches

Roman Reigns has slayed giants. He’s toppled 7-footers in The Undertaker, Big Show and Kane. The Big Dog has stood toe-to-toe with WWE’s toughest Superstars, like Brock Lesnar, and he has refused to flinch.

Reigns’ speed and savvy would give Andre trouble. As he showed at WrestleMania 33, The Big Dog can turn on the jets at a moment’s notice. Although many Superstars might foolishly rely on lifting The Eighth Wonder of the World, Reigns wouldn’t need to move the immovable object. He can focus on the Spear and the Superman Punch to take Andre off his feet.

It would take a special competitor to beat Andre the Giant, but Reigns certainly has the tools to do it. — JEFF LABOON

The Undertaker

5 Andre the Giant dream matches

WWE.com editors used to collectively speculate on what would occur if an irresistible force ever met the immovable object that is Andre the Giant … but what if the immovable object crossed paths with The Phenom?

The Undertaker and The Eighth Wonder of the World are both common denominators in several highly fantasized dream matches. What makes the hypothetical nature of them facing off with each other so intriguing, however, is what they each individually represent to their respective eras.

Both Superstars were, unquestionably, the most respected and revered figures in their generation’s locker rooms. A clash between the two would not just be a mashup of monsters, but the ultimate showdown between WWE’s Golden and Attitude Eras. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

Braun Strowman

5 Andre the Giant dream matches

We’ve already seen the rampaging Braun Strowman lay waste to Big Show on Raw earlier this year — completely dismantling the ring in the process — but that colossal collision, as awe-inspiring as it was, has only made us wonder how the mountainous Monster Among Men might fare against The World’s Largest Athlete’s iconic and titanic predecessor, Andre the Giant.

At 6-foot-8 and weighing 385 pounds, Strowman gives up eight inches and 135 pounds to the gargantuan former WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer. However, the juggernaut has also somehow managed to tip over an ambulance — with Roman Reigns inside it — with apparent, horrifying ease. We don’t know if Strowman could similarly topple Andre the Giant in his prime, but we’d love to be able to see him try … in a reinforced ring, of course. — JAMES WORTMAN

Brock Lesnar

5 Andre the Giant dream matches

Remember the days when the big question was whether anyone could slam Andre the Giant? Well, allow us to up the ante: Could it be possible, in the farthest reaches of the imagination, that someone could F-5 Andre the Giant? Perhaps punch a one-way ticket to Suplex City? Could a Kimura Lock stand the slightest chance of snapping The Eight Wonder of the World's tree-trunk arm like a twig is so desired?

Brock Lesnar has vanquished giants, legends and WWE Hall of Famers throughout his storied career. He shocked the entire world when he ended The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak and remains one of the most fearsome competitors of all time. He lives to do one thing: conquer. Going toe-to-toe with the first-ever WWE Hall of Famer in his prime would prove to be a formidable challenge for The Beast, one he would surely embrace with the intention of adding another conquest to his résumé. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

John Cena

5 Andre the Giant dream matches

There is no Superstar that better defines the modern era than 16-time World Champion John Cena. The Cenation Leader has battled Superstars of all sizes, including The Great Khali, Big Show, Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles, among many others. Cena has proven time and time again that his strength and resilience are defining traits of his successful career.

Though Cena has defeated monsters and slammed giants, it would be an epic clash of icons to see him go one-on-one with Andre the Giant. Only a select handful of Superstars have managed to pick up and slam The Eighth Wonder of the World, and it would surely pose a challenge that the 16-time World Champion would not shy away from. Though Cena certainly possesses the ability to lift giants on his shoulders, the question of whether The Cenation Leader could deliver an Attitude Adjustment to Andre the Giant in his prime is one that causes great debate. — KEVIN POWERS

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