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Sasha Banks def. Alicia Fox (Kickoff Match)

MINNEAPOLIS — First, Alicia Fox claimed she didn’t really tap out to Sasha Banks, that the ref robbed her. Then, she jumped Banks backstage after she was submitted again and shoved an official to the ground for good measure. Unfortunately for Alicia, the third time was not the charm, as the former Divas Champion cried uncle once again in her third tilt with The Boss, this time on the WWE TLC Kickoff.

The Boss throws Alicia Fox around the ring with reckless abandon on the WWE TLC Kickoff show.

The persistence that got Alicia to the dance didn’t fade away in the slightest, however, which meant that Fox had another strong showing against the four-time Raw Women’s Champion. Foxy administered a textbook tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the outside and a pair of her gorgeous Northern Lights suplexes in the effort, punctuated only by the occasional temper tantrum when Sasha refused to stay down.

But Sasha, who demanded the third tilt after Alicia’s backstage attack, showed no mercy against her erratic enemy. Even though Fox nearly netted a count-out victory with a late surge, The Boss made it back at the count of nine, writhed free of another tilt-a-whirl attempt and wrenched her opponent down into the Bank Statement.

With such a definitive outcome this time around, it’s hard to imagine Alicia having a leg to stand on if she decides to protest this one. But that doesn’t mean she won’t give it a try.