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Enzo Amore def. Kalisto to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion

MINNEAPOLIS — The ‘Zo Train is back on track.

Enzo Amore, who just three weeks ago was Public Enemy No. 1 among the Cruiserweights, is once again Team Purple’s big enchilada after dethroning WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto at WWE TLC. A lost voice left Muscles Marinara uncharacteristically muted during his pre-match intro, but he made his intentions loud and clear with a sounder-than-expected game plan of cat-and-mouse with the champion.

The high-flying Kalisto and trash-talking Enzo Amore battle for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The cat quickly caught up, of course, and Kalisto had Enzo on the run after a suicide dive to the outside, but The Certified G turned the match around by tripping the champion up on the ropes, sending him jaw-first into the turnbuckle. While Kalisto tried to tee up Amore for his elaborate offense, Enzo kept things simple, wrenching Kalisto to the mat and gaining ground with punches and kicks. At one point, The King of Flight slammed Enzo face-first into the turnbuckle and threatened to open up the playbook, so Amore slammed the back of his head into the turnbuckle and went high with the DDG.

Kalisto was on the edge of a monster run for almost the entire match, so Enzo went back to his ethos of working smart instead of hard, grabbing hold of the apron while Kalisto dragged him into the middle of the ring. With the ref busy replacing the apron, ‘Zo jabbed his thumb into Kalisto’s eye and quickly administered the JawdunZo for the win. And unlike the last time, he wasn’t remotely interested in crediting anybody else for this championship win, thanking himself instead of the WWE Universe for his two-time titleholder status during a post-match interview.

Give Enzo this: He won the title all by himself. How he went about winning it is a matter for debate, but until Kalisto breaks his silence, the now former champion will have to stare at the scoreboard and wonder what went wrong.