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Jason Jordan def. Elias

MINNEAPOLIS — Fun fact: Before WWE TLC, Elias had only lost two singles matches, both to Finn Bálor over the summer, and merely one of those was via pinfall. And even though Jason Jordan handed Elias only his second definitive defeat at WWE TLC, it must have felt a lot more like that for the sinister songsmith, who goaded Raw General Manager Kurt Angle into letting him perform after claiming he was moved by the spirit of Prince to play a song in Minneapolis.

The ultra-athletic Jason Jordan uses his jaw-dropping wrestling skills to overcome Elias: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Elias’ evening was a nightmare from the jump, as both of planned sets throughout the evening were cut off by Jordan, who pelted Elias with produce while he tried to sing. That led to an impromptu match, and Jordan was absolutely surgical in his dismantling of his foe; it took a running knee that sent JJ face-first into the turnbuckle to open up any kind of offense for Elias.

The brutal balladeer took full advantage of that opening, trapping Jordan in a torturous abdominal stretch. But Jordan took the bout back into his own hands, hoisting Elias into a double-leg takedown position and charging him into every turnbuckle he could find. A knee to the head and a toss into the turnbuckle gave Elias his last gasp, but Jordan reversed a suplex attempt into a roll-up for a three-count. However, given that Elias had a shoulder up beyond the ref’s field of vision, expect Elias to have some hard-to-dispute sour grapes on this one.