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Ryback def. Kane (Chairs Match)

CLEVELAND  At WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs … and Stairs, Kane took a seat. Or, rather, he took a steel chair, again and again, over every inch of his body courtesy of Ryback, who upended the former Director of Operations in a Chairs Match slugfest at WWE’s annual holiday demolition derby.

The two Superstars  neither known for his subtlety, and each claiming to be the most ruthless monster in WWE  didn’t exactly stand on ceremony once the bell rang. Each swung a chair at the other and they connected in midair as if in a duel  a stalemate that did very little to slow down either man’s enthusiasm for carnage. Ryback powered his way to an early lead by Irish whipping Kane into a chair wedged between the turnbuckles before pancaking The Devil’s Favorite Demon with three middle turnbuckle splashes.

Photos:  Ryback and Kane swing steel at TLC

Ryback’s aggression got the better of him when he draped a chair over Kane’s prone body and went for a fourth splash from the top turnbuckle. The former World Heavyweight Champion got his knees  and the chair  up to knock the wind from Ryback’s sails, and the clang of Kane’s steel on The Big Guy’s body soon rang out as loud as Ryback’s signature “Feed me more” chants. Next, a chair fastballed right into an oncoming Ryback’s face seemed to seal The Human Wrecking Ball’s fate.

Or did it? After Ryback kicked out of the Chokeslam that was intended to put him away, Kane maneuvered another chair into position and signaled for the deciding blow. However, The Big Guy managed to evade Kane’s attack and nearly decapitated The Big Red Monster with the Meathook Clothesline, following up seconds later with Shell Shocked for the win. Go ahead and feed all you want, Ryback. You earned it.