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United States Champion Rusev def. Jack Swagger

CLEVELAND Jack Swagger had plenty to fight for at WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs. The proud American patriot was battling not only for his country, but for vengeance, after a vicious assault by United States Champion Rusev put his manager Zeb Colter out of action. However, unbridled fury was not enough to overcome the Russian bulldozer, as Swagger fell victim to the devastating Accolade once again.

During his pre-match ritual, Rusev seemed to be favoring his left ankle, a result of being trapped in Swagger’s Patriot Lock on Raw. Swagger stormed to the ring, cutting Lana off before The Ravishing Russian could spew her anti-American rhetoric, setting his sights on The Hero of The Russian Federation’s ankle . The Real American dominated the early moments of the match, even turning a thrust kick attempt from the champion into the Patriot Lock.

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Rusev slithered out of Swagger’s grasp and locked on the Accolade. It looked as though The Real American had passed out, but Swagger amazingly powered out by standing up with Rusev on his back  and putting on the Patriot Lock once again. Rusev slid out of the ring, drawing Swagger to ringside and straight into a thrust kick to the face. The Real American beat the referee’s ten-count, only to catch another kick to the head, which left him in perfect position for the Accolade in the center of the ring. Already having spent so much time in the hold just moments earlier, Swagger had no choice but to tap out.

Since winning the title adorned in America’s stars and stripes, The Super Athlete has been near-invincible. Is there anyone, American or otherwise, who can stop the seemingly unstoppable Rusev?