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Big Show def. Erick Rowan (Steel Stairs Match)

CLEVELAND — Behemoths battled at WWE TLC 2014 when Erick Rowan went head-to-head with Big Show in the first-ever Steel Stairs Match. After a massive collision between “Big Red” Rowan and The World’s Largest Athlete, it was the former World Heavyweight Champion who stood tall amid hundreds of pounds of high alloy steel steps.

A traditional singles match between the 6-foot-8, 300-plus-pound Big Red and the 7-foot, nearly quarter-ton Big Show would be enough to shake WWE’s squared circle, but when you add in the stipulation that the ring’s 275-pound steel stairs can legally be used as weapons, you are asking for an earth-shattering encounter.

The ravenous Rowan and angry giant didn’t disappoint as the former Wyatt Family member stood up to his “bully” with all his might. It didn’t take long for both colossal Superstars to take the fight outside the squared circle, with the veteran Big Show dominating the early goings. After the larger-than-life Superstar threw Rowan into the steel stairs outside the ring, the match’s stipulation began to come to life.

Photos: Big Show and Erick Rowan slam the steel stairs

Big Show seemed right at home in this contest, hurling Rowan and the steel stairs around the ring like rag dolls. Just when it looked like we were going to witness a one-sided drubbing, Rowan battled back, showing amazing strength by bodyslamming his enormous opponent on top of the steps.

The giant would not remain down for long, however, as the ring veteran turned the tables back in his favor when he speared Big Red through a wall of unforgiving steel. Rowan displayed an amazing amount of resolve, but in the end, Big Show’s unrelenting steel stair assault could not be overcome.

The World’s Largest Athlete chokeslammed Rowan on top of steel stairs before delivering a massive KO Punch to the back of his head. Even then, it seemed as though Rowan may have more fight left in him, but Big Show laid the immense steps on top of Rowan to complete the pin.

With another big victory added to Big Show’s renowned résumé, what’s next for this angry giant? And has The World’s Largest Athlete seen the last of his Big Red rival?