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Braun Strowman def. Roman Reigns

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Braun Strowman threatened to put Roman Reigns out of his misery at WWE Payback. He delivered.

Seemingly nothing could stop Strowman’s rampage heading into Raw's special event. Since WrestleMania, The Monster Among Men had tipped over an ambulance with Reigns inside and destroyed a ring, but those were just appetizers — the main course came at WWE Payback.

Strowman wasted no time in bringing the pain, throwing Reigns into the barricade and chokeslamming him onto an announce table. He followed by repeatedly kicking Reigns in the ribs and sandwiching him in the corner.

Reigns did not have a minute to breathe, let alone mount a comeback, until he took Strowman off his feet with a Samoan Drop. Reigns refused to give in, driving Strowman into the turnbuckle twice before capitalizing with a Spear in the middle of the ring and two Superman Punches. However, it was not enough to keep The Monster Among Men down for the count.

At WWE Payback 2017, Roman Reigns tries to survive his vicious encounter against Braun Strowman. Courtesy of WWE Network.

Strowman utilized his freakish strength by surviving all of that to defeat The Big Dog with a powerslam, but the beatdown did not end with the bell. Instead, Strowman dented the steel steps with Reigns’ face until WWE officials pleaded with him to head to the back.

The officials then had to help the battered Reigns to a waiting ambulance. When The Big Dog finally reached the ambulance, Strowman charged like an angry bull. Fortunately, Reigns played the role of matador and stepped away at the last moment, forcing Strowman to crash into the ambulance door, tearing it right off its hinges.

For anyone looking to find an answer or scouting report on how to beat Braun Strowman, the answer became too clear as Reigns sat wounded in the ambulance: You can’t.