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Sasha Banks def. Nia Jax

MILWAUKEE — So much for breaking The Boss. Sasha Banks rallied back from months of insults and punishment by Nia Jax to hand the Women’s division powerhouse a rare defeat at WWE Fastlane — a win that vindicates Banks in more ways than one.

Ever since her heartrending loss to Charlotte Flair at Roadblock: End of the Line, Banks has been on the proverbial ropes in the Women’s division, and Jax has been more than happy to kick her while she’s down. It seemed like The Boss would suffer more of the same at Fastlane. Despite an aggressive game plan that no longer required compensation for an injured knee, Banks found herself stopped short at every turn by Jax’s power.

With her advantage secure, Jax transitioned quickly from dominance to outright humiliation, executing a series of squats with Banks secured over her shoulders. Sasha, however, quickly turned the situation to her advantage, transitioning to a guillotine choke and then a pair of sleeper holds that weakened her imposing rival.

At WWE Fastlane 2017, Nia Jax makes a big statement with a timely reversal against Sasha Banks. Courtesy of WWE Network.

Jax fought back, powering out of the Bank Statement before rag dolling Banks around the ring. Yet, Sasha repeated her earlier feat of agility and earned a victory because of it. When Nia hoisted Banks into the air again, Banks slid off her shoulders a second time, rolled her up, and bridged her way to a beautifully executed pin.

The win was, admittedly, a shock to both Superstars at first. Jax was slack-jawed and furious in the ring, while it took a depleted Sasha a few minutes of her own to process the payoff of her hard work. By the time she reached the top of the ramp, however, the swagger had returned. In other words, The Boss is back, baby. Ready your stunner shades.