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Raw Women's Champion Bayley def. Charlotte Flair

MILWAUKEE — Charlotte Flair has questioned the validity of Bayley’s Raw Women’s Title reign for weeks, but there was no questioning the upbeat champion’s victory at WWE Fastlane, where she ended The Queen’s 16-0 pay-per-view winning streak and ensured she will enter her first WrestleMania with a title hugging her waist. However, since Sasha Banks once again inserted herself in what was to be a pure, one-on-one bout, perhaps some questions still linger.

Growing increasingly frustrated as the indomitable Bayley refused to back down, Charlotte Flair upped the ante with a gravity-defying moonsault and a swift standing senton that nearly sealed her fifth Raw Women’s Title.  Bayley rallied, however — proving once again that she’s most tenacious when backed against a wall — retaliating with knee strikes, kicks, a dazzling hurricanrana and a stunning elbow drop that would have made “Macho Man” Randy Savage proud.

At WWE Fastlane 2017, Raw Women's Champion Bayley launches an aerial onslaught in hopes of grounding challenger Charlotte Flair. Courtesy of WWE Network.

However, once Flair shifted momentum in her favor after hitting Natural Selection on Bayley, Sasha Banks stormed the ring to assist her friend, allowing Bayley to capitalize with a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex on the floor. The dazed Charlotte then attempted to steal a win by grabbing Bayley’s tights in a pinning predicament, but The Boss, still at ringside, caught the underhanded maneuver and pointed it out to the referee. Infuriated that Sasha foiled her attempt to steal the title, the distracted Charlotte was rolled into a second Bayley-to-Belly Suplex. Three seconds later, Bayley was declared the victor, much to Sasha’s delight.

Did Bayley’s conquest at WWE Fastlane prove that she deserves the Raw Women’s Title, or did Sasha Banks’ intervention inadvertently spoil yet another of her best friend’s shining moments? Either way, it’s clear now more than ever that The Road to WrestleMania will be full of twists and turns for the Team Red Women’s division.