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Sunday, Sep 25 | 8 PMET/5 PMPT

Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Indianapolis, IN

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Cesaro vs. Sheamus ended in a No Contest (Match No. 7 in Best of Seven Series)

INDIANAPOLIS — For two months now, the WWE Universe has been wondering whether Cesaro or Sheamus is the better man. After WWE Clash of Champions, they’re still wondering.

The grueling Best of Seven Series between The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior ended in a No Contest for Match No. 7, leaving the Superstars visibly frustrated and the WWE Universe buzzing over what comes next — to say nothing of who will get the promised championship opportunity that had been serving as the winner’s purse for the series.

Perhaps it’s fair that no clear winner could be decided in the match: The two Superstars were neck-and-neck for the entirety of the contest, which was a testament to Cesaro’s resilience following continued punishment to his bad back. Despite the damage to his lumbar, Cesaro continued to dig in for second wind after second wind, rattling off an Uppercut Express, tornado DDT and a 619 — yes, that 619. Sheamus, for his part, answered with the Irish Curse, Cloverleaf and a Celtic Cross-backbreaker combo, all of which have been his bread and butter throughout the series.

Sheamus and Cesaro look to break the 3-3 tie in their Best of Seven Series: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Of course, each time the two Superstars dug in, it meant they had to resort to increasingly desperate measures, hence a suicide dive from Cesaro that ended with him landing headfirst on the arena floor. (He even survived a Brogue Kick moments later). The bout eventually devolved into a slugfest of the most basic, brutal variety, with the two trading hands outside the ring and, ultimately, spilling out into the WWE Universe in a heap. After WWE doctors tended to a punch-drunk Sheamus and a wounded Cesaro, whose arm seemed to have been compromised, it was determined that the match must be called off on account of their injuries.

Fittingly enough, despite the ruling, Cesaro quickly returned to the ring demanding their showdown be restarted, and The Celtic Warrior was hauled away by a team of medical officials, as Sheamus tried to fight his way back with every step. Would you really have expected anything less?