John Cena & David Otunga def. Drew McIntyre & "Dashing" Cody Rhodes (New WWE Tag Team Champions)

MINNEAPOLIS -- At WWE Bragging Rights, on the strength of the STF heard ‘round the world, the unlikely combination of John Cena and David Otunga reigned supreme over Drew McIntyre & "Dashing" Cody Rhodes in an impromptu title match, delivering the glorious WWE Tag Team Championship into the hands of The Nexus. Match photos

The spur-of-the-moment contest was made by the anonymous Raw General Manager.

Wade Barrett -- the outspoken leader of The Nexus -- immediately came before the WWE Universe, naming Nexus member David Otunga for the monumental undertaking. But, it was his announcement that John Cena would team with Otunga that completely shocked the WWE Universe.

Despite being forced to join The Nexus after losing to Barrett at WWE Hell in a Cell -- one of the hardest ordeals the illustrious Superstar has ever faced -- Cena arrived completely fired up for his latest championship opportunity. And though he refused to work as a cohesive unit with his new tag team partner, it was the decorated Superstar, known for never backing down from any challenge, who locked Rhodes into his patented submission maneuver to thrust The Nexus into championship glory.

But, Cena's tag team victory did not come without defiance. Following the match, The Champ brought the Cenation into an absolute frenzy, hitting Otunga with the Attitude Adjustment.

One of the most hated factions in WWE history has reached the golden realm, forever cementing its place in squared circle history. And as John Cena travels further and further down The Nexus wormhole, the WWE Universe will look to Monday Night Raw, waiting to see if their hero can ever find his way out again.