Self-professed "Co-Divas Champion" Layla def. Natalya

MINNEAPOLIS -- Thanks to a little help from her "BFF" Michelle McCool, Layla successfully defended the Divas Championship in her bout with Natalya at WWE Bragging Rights, ensuring that the butterfly-emblazoned title will remain in the possession of the self-professed "Co-Divas Champions," Lay-Cool, for the foreseeable future. (PHOTOS)

While either member of Lay-Cool can defend the Divas Championship, as stipulated by SmackDown's Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero, it was decided just two days before this collision that Layla would be the one to battle Natalya at WWE Bragging Rights. However, that didn't prevent Michelle from getting involved in the action, nailing Natalya with a kick to the face when the referee was distracted. Layla then capitalized, scoring a pinfall victory.

WWE's Mean Girls last collided with Natalya on the pay-per-view stage at Hell in a Cell, where Layla intentionally disqualified defending champion Michelle, thus preventing theĀ first female graduate of the legendary Hart Dungeon from capturing her first championship in WWE. As was the case during that chaotic confrontation, the fearless and determined Natalya seemed to be a Sharpshooter away from becoming the new Divas Champion, but Lay-Cool's treachery once again triumphed over the Hart Dynasty Diva's renowned in-ring ability.

Like numerous WWE Divas before her, Natalya has often found herself on the receiving end of Lay-Cool's verbal venom. While other competitors might be discouraged by Layla & Michelle's persistent taunts over the last several weeks, the third-generation competitor has countered their so-called "real talk" with her unmatched athleticism and indomitable fighting spirit.

Outmatched and, as the WWE Universe can attest, outclassed, Lay-Cool resorted to their infamously underhanded tactics to leave the Target Center with their heads held high, their noses in the air and the Divas Championship in their grasp. At WWE Bragging Rights, appropriately, the devious duo had plenty to brag about.

Although she has fallen to Lay-Cool once again, Natalya's quest to become Divas Champion will continue, as will Lay-Cool's mission to flaunt their "flawlessness" at every turn. Watch Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown to keep up with these and all of WWE's sexy, smart and powerful Divas.