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Sunday, Oct 24 | 8 PMET/5 PMPT

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Wade Barrett (with John Cena) def. WWE Champion Randy Orton by Disqualification

MINNEAPOLIS - Wade Barrett had taken out the ultimate insurance policy -- or so he thought. During his WWE Title Match against champion Randy Orton, the leader of The Nexus ordered John Cena to remain in his corner. Although Barrett felt confident that he had covered his bases, his reluctant disciple managed to essentially outsmart him and deny the Englishman's claim, allowing Orton to retain. (PHOTOS)

To further ensure a victory, the Englishman dropped a bombshell prior to the bout: If he were to lose the match, Cena would be fired from WWE. The ultimatum staggered Cena, who had captured the WWE Tag Team Titles with David Otunga earlier in the evening. Could Cena really further the ambitions of such a loathsome individual? And if he refused, could he possibly cope with being terminated from the company he loves, forbidden from competing in a WWE ring?

An opportunity would eventually reveal itself in the glimmer of a snake's eye. Midway through the match, the referee was knocked unconscious. Taking advantage, the remaining three members of Nexus rushed the ring to attack Orton. They were quickly chased off by Cena, who explained that he was trying to save Barrett from being disqualified. As the contest progressed and fatigue washed over Barrett, Orton prepared to unleash an RKO. Just as he coiled himself, however, Cena recognized his opening.

Cena, who had been forced to join Nexus after losing at Hell in a Cell, pushed Orton aside and hoisted Barrett atop his shoulders. For a moment, it appeared as if Cena had suffered enough abuse and was going to avenge himself with an Attitude Adjustment. When the Englishman came crashing to the canvas, however, Cena's brilliant method suddenly revealed itself.

He had ensured Barrett's victory by disqualification -- and saved his career in the process. Although the Englishman had officially prevailed, a title cannot change hands due to a disqualification. Perhaps The Viper should have been relieved, but there's no reasoning with a furious snake. Instead, Orton leveled both Barrett and his unwilling lackey with a poetic pair of RKOs.

The outcome ensures that Orton remains WWE Champion, that Cena will not be terminated from WWE and that Barrett will be more determined than ever to make his reluctant disciple's life a living hell.