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Philadelphia, PA

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Aiden English def. Tye Dillinger (Kickoff Match)

PHILADELPHIA — Maestro, a curtain call if you please. Aiden English, the artistically-inclined Superstar, finally defeated Tye Dillinger at WWE Battleground Kickoff.

It was a signature performance from “The Shakespeare of Song” as he began the night by serenading the WWE Universe, despite their deafening jeers, before The Perfect 10 made his own entrance. English controlled the early goings of the match, at least until Dillinger turned the tide with a whip-fast sequence that ended with The Drama King getting flung into the corner and 10 fingers being flashed in his face.

The Perfect 10 attempts to topple The Drama King to kick off the action at WWE Battleground 2017 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

English rallied with a headbutt to the beloved Superstar and unleashed a symphony of pain, wearing Dillinger down with blunt-force knees to the spine and a constrictor-like chinlock that brought The Perfect 10 to the brink of la-la land. Dillinger had enough in him to roar back, very nearly bringing English to tears once again. But The Artiste composed himself and unleashed his masterstroke, knocking Dillinger off the turnbuckle in the midst of a series of raining blows and executing a full-nelson release suplex that put The Perfect 10 down for the count.

Even English seemed somewhat surprised he’d managed to pull off the win, but he quickly recovered to bask in the moment. And why should he not? The spotlight, at last, is on him, and one conducts oneself accordingly when one’s moment comes.