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The New Day def. The Usos to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions

PHILADELPHIA — Break out those Booty-O’s, light up the unicorn horns and swivel your hips accordingly: The New Day are Tag Team Champions for the third time.

As has become their custom, The New Day made history in their SmackDown Tag Team Title win over The Usos at WWE Battleground, as they’re the first-ever team to hold the tag titles of both brands. The feat is even more amazing given that it didn’t look like it would happen, as ya boys opted for an unusual combination — Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods — that didn’t pay early dividends.

The resilient Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods clash with Jimmy & Jey Uso: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Much to New Day’s chagrin, Woods was isolated from Kofi and subjected to an interminable, two-on-one mugging straight out of The Uso Penitentiary. The Boom Squad General eventually managed to tag his way into the match and was all but unstoppable — until the brothers snatched him out of the sky mid-Trust Fall and powerbombed him onto the arena floor.

With Kofi out of commission and Woods on wobbly legs, The Usos punished their foe once again with a two-on-one attack. Woods was first subjected to a double-team Samoan Drop. Then, when he tried to rally, he was superkicked straight out of the sky by Jimmy Uso and wrapped up with a Tequila Sunrise. Woods refused to stay down, but The Usos proved equally as difficult to put away. When Kofi finally stirred to life, The Usos nearly put him away with a splash that notched a two-and-nine-tenths count.

Looking to finally end things, The Usos placed Kofi in the middle of the squared circle and set up for splashes on either corner of the ring. Woods saved the day, though, shoving Jey Uso to the outside and giving Kofi enough of a reprieve to avoid Jimmy’s splash in the confusion. The New Day pounced quickly with a one-two punch of Trouble in Paradise and a tightrope elbow drop from Woods that literally took him across the ring and the finish line for the 1-2-3.

In other words? Don’t you dare be sour, clap for your three-time champs and feel the power! Say hello to your W. W. E. Smack. Down. Tag. Team. Champions.