Cedric Alexander def.Noam Dar

As acting leader of The Zo Train, Drew Gulak delegates his in-ring responsibilities against Cedric Alexander to Noam Dar.

Set to face Cedric Alexander following his incredible Fatal 4-Way victory on Raw, Drew Gulak – in possession of Enzo Amore’s microphone and acting as the interim conductor of The Zo Train while The Certified G is overseas – recapped his win on Raw and prepared to discuss leadership in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation! Cedric had no desire to see Gulak’s latest PowerPoint slides and entered the ring, ready for a fight.

However, Gulak left the ring and explained to Alexander that his first slide would have dealt with leaders delegating. As a result, Gulak revealed that Noam Dar would take his place against Alexander. Not only looking to impress WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but “Drewtopia” as well, The Scottish Supernova aimed to regain his own momentum by defeating his longtime rival.

Providing commentary from ringside, Gulak analyzed Dar’s role in The Zo Train, encouraged his ally and taunted Alexander all at the same time. This allowed The Scottish Supernova to shift momentum in his favor and use his technical abilities to keep the agile Alexander on defense.

The history between Dar and Alexander certainly played a factor in the match, as they countered each other back and forth, neither gaining a true advantage. Trying to seize on one of his counters, Dar quickly ascended the ropes to perform a high-risk move, but Gulak yelled at The Scottish Supernova, reminding him that Drew Gulak’s WWE 205 Live is a No Fly Zone.

Listening to the interim Zo Train conductor backfired for The Scottish Supernova, as Alexander recovered and executed the Neutralizer followed by his patented Lumbar Check for the win.