Kalisto def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

Less than two weeks before challenging for the WWE Crusierweight Championship at Survivor Series, Kalisto battles Manchester, England's own Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

In a true showcase of the WWE Cruiserweight division, former Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto battled Manchester’s own Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Despite the homecoming, Gallagher told the WWE Universe that he was reminded of why he left, speaking ill of his hometown and blaming them for Cedric Alexander being a clown. Gallagher said he had returned a new man and that he was bigger than both Manchester and Great Britain.

Once the battle got underway, the clash of styles between Kalisto’s fast-paced, lucha offense and Gallagher’s more unorthodox style was on display. Although Kalisto enjoyed an early advantage by relying on his agility and high-flying ability, Gallagher quickly recovered before leaning on his technical prowess to show off his own cruelty.

Remaining resilient, Kalisto battled back, scoring a few near-falls before working to wear his opponent down. As Kalisto attempted a high-flying move from the top-rope, Gallagher countered and applied a submission maneuver, hoping to force the former Cruiserweight Champion to tap out. However, Kalisto displayed incredible ring awareness, rolling out of the hold and using the ropes to help him execute the incredible Salida del Sol for the win.