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Triple H def. Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred Match; If Lesnar won, Triple H would have had to retire)

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. Triple H had everything to lose in his No Holds Barred showdown with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29: his dignity, his family’s honor, but most importantly, his legendary career in the squared circle. Risking it all to gain retribution on The Anomaly, The Cerebral Assassin was able to overcome Lesnar’s brute force and pummeling power, finally felling the mighty brawler with a devastating Pedigree onto steel steps, ensuring that his career in the squared circle will continue.

Both competitors were all-business as they approached the ring at sold-out MetLife Stadium. The Game had anger in his eyes, vividly recalling the two times Brock Lesnar broke his arm with the Kimura Lock. The vicious F-5 that left his father-in-law, Mr. McMahon, with a broken hip was fresh in Triple H’s mind as he rained blows down upon the massive mixed martial artist. Lesnar regained control of the bout early with vicious knees, though.

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The ring couldn’t contain the two self-professed asskickers. The Game and Lesnar quickly spilled to the floor of MetLife Stadium, pummeling each other with anything and everything within arm’s reach. Triple H sent Lesnar crashing into the ringside barricade, and The Anomaly drove Triple H’s sternum into the announcers’ table in return.

Lesnar grabbed a chair minutes into the match, but The Cerebral Assassin evaded the steely blows. It was the furious NCAA Heavyweight Champion’s wrestling knowledge that earned him the advantage, gaining control with a big belly-to-belly suplex on the stadium floor. 

Things looked bleak for Triple H as the battle continued, with Lesnar sending him crashing through the Spanish announcers’ table, leaving him lying in a mess of tangled wires and broken wood. The Anomaly picked up The Game and tossed him back into the rubble as if he were a feather, just to inflict more damage.

The Cerebral Assassin showed flashes of hope in the midst of Lesnar showing off his MMA technique. The former UFC Heavyweight  Champion kept Triple H grounded with a flurry of fists, boots and throws, however. The WWE Universe in attendance watched on in stunned silence as Lesnar asserted his dominance over The Game. Lesnar’s primal screams were the only sounds that could be heard in MetLife Stadium.

Triple H had backup in the form of his best friend, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, though. Lesnar was smart to keep one eye on HBK, but when he took his focus off The Game to stalk Michaels, The Anomaly paid dearly, as Triple H caught him with a vicious steel chair shot. 

Lesnar eventually took Michaels out of the equation, first with an elbow from the apron, then with an F-5 when HBK attempted  Sweet Chin Music. That temporary distraction gave Triple H an opening, allowing him to hit a Pedigree for a two-count. The Game grabbed his trusted sledgehammer, but Lesnar ducked The Cerebral Assassin’s swing, taking the WWE COO down to the mat with an F-5. Both Lesnar and Heyman were shocked when Triple H kicked out.

The Game rolled to the floor for a brief respite, but Lesnar was right on top of him. The Next Big Thing grabbed a steel chair and battered Triple H with it, then used his freakish strength to lift the steel steps from ringside, driving them into The King of King’s body. The sound of steel crashing against flesh and bone echoed throughout the stadium multiple times, but Triple H would not let his career end this way.

Lesnar screamed at Triple H, ordering him to give up and accept his fate, but The Game answered with a slap in the face. That sent The Anomaly into a fury. Although The King of Kings tried to Pedigree his massive opponent, Lesnar countered  and trapped Triple H in the Kimura Lock. 

The Game’s arm was on the verge of snapping, as it had twice before, but Triple H mustered the strength to lift Lesnar and fall back, breaking the dangerous hold. He followed up by using the No Holds Barred rules to his advantage, crumpling Lesnar with a below-the-belt blow.

Watch doctors tend to Triple H's arm after the bout

Triple H then focused his attack on Lesnar’s arm, wrapping it around the ring post and slamming a steel chair into it. The Game stayed on top of Lesnar, sandwiching the monster’s arm in between the chair and the ring steps before using the chair again.

The WWE Universe was shocked by The Game’s next move, as he snared Lesnar’s arm in the Kimura Lock. Heyman tried to save his client with the chair, but Michaels took the slimy manager out of action with Sweet Chin Music.

Lesnar was on the verge of tapping out on three occasions, but The Anomaly used his unbelievable strength to battle back to his feet and slam Triple H into the steel steps. Triple H used a DDT to drive Lesnar’s head into the steel before grabbing his sledgehammer and driving it into Lesnar’s skull. He then let out a war cry that could be heard in Lower Manhattan as Lesnar struggled to his feet over the steps. The King of Kings saw his opening, climbed atop the steps and planted Lesnar into the steel with a skull-thudding Pedigree for the victory, ensuring that Triple H will live to fight another day.