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Kane def. Randy Orton

WrestleMania XXVIII Results: Kane overpowers The Viper

MIAMI – Randy Orton came to South Beach looking to sink his venomous fangs into Kane, however The Big Red Monster proved once and for all that his demonic soul is devoid of any humanity, claiming victory over WWE’s Apex Predator on The Grandest Stage of Them All. ( PHOTOS)

This epic clash between two of the most explosive and unpredictable Superstars of all-time dates back to an intense Street Fight between the former World Champions on a summer evening last July on SmackDown. Following the contest, the victorious Orton shook Kane’s hand, showing his respect for the WWE veteran. However, at The Show of Shows there was little respect between the two ring warriors as they waged war inside Sun Life Stadium, each immediately trying to build momentum from the moment the opening bell rang.

WrestleMania XXVIII Results: Kane overpowers The Viper

The Viper wasted no time unleashing a flurry of punches against The Big Red Monster. But Kane’s sheer size and power allowed him to counter Orton’s offense. The two Superstars battled back and forth, trading blows, Kane using his raw power to his advantage while The Viper remained relentless. As the momentum shifted back and forth, both ring warriors sought out the perfect strategy, both mixing their technical skills with their all-out brawling abilities. ( PHOTOS)

As far as The Show of Shows is concerned, WWE’s Apex Predator walked into Sun Life Stadium with victories in his last two consecutive WrestleMania contests. In contrast, the bout in Miami marked Kane’s first WrestleMania singles match since defeating Chavo Guerrero in 8 seconds at WrestleMania XXIV. The WWE Universe could debate back and forth for hours on Facebook and Twitter about whether Orton or Kane had more to prove, but at The Showcase of the Immortals, the ring warriors knew they had to lay everything on the line.

WrestleMania XXVIII Results: Kane overpowers The Viper

Neither Superstar could capture enough momentum to maintain an advantage over their opponent. The Viper kicked out of a massive chokeslam, only to have another RKO attempt reversed. WWE’s Apex Predator knew he would have to do something unprecedented to stop The Big Red Monster. As Orton set Kane up for an RKO off the top rope, Kane grabbed The Viper by the throat and chokeslammed him. ( PHOTOS)

The animosity between The Viper and The Big Red Monster built for weeks before Kane finally revealed the root of his deep-seeded hatred toward Orton. It was that moment when The Devil’s Favorite Demon vowed revenge and promised to decimate WWE’s Apex Predator at WrestleMania XXVIII. Saying Kane decimated Orton is a hard pill to swallow after witnessing their collision in Miami.

When the dust settled, The Big Red Monster did not reciprocate a show of respect after defeating The Viper. Instead, The Devil’s Favorite Demon left his opponent motionless in the center of the ring, showing the WWE Universe that he truly has become the most dangerous he has ever been.