The Bulgarian baby

A serious discussion ensues after Lana tells Rusev that her current priority is her career, not starting a family.

Rusev wants kids. Did you know Rusev wants kids? Lana knows, but she isn’t quite ready to make that leap, despite her husband pushing the issue on multiple occasions. She does make the misstep of bringing up the argument during Rusev’s Bulgarian name day party, which happens to include Alexa Bliss (and her adorable micropig, Larry Steve, whom Rusev is cartoonishly smitten with), Nia Jax and Sheamus. Rusev isn’t thrilled that Lana would air the couple’s dirty laundry in front of their friends, but The Ravishing Russian finally gets it into his head that she simply isn’t ready to put her life and career on hold, and Rusev agrees to wait until the time is right.

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