Nattie knows best

Natalya becomes emotional when she talks to Naomi and Brie Bella about motherhood.

With Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan desperately in need of a night to themselves on E!’s Total Divas, Brie recruits an odd couple of Superstars to babysit: Naomi and Natalya. The pairing ends up being a bit of a mixed bag, as Naomi — who is openly planning on having a child someday — is a natural with Birdie Joe, while Natalya doesn’t seem to know what to do, preferring to play with the dogs. As it turns out, Natalya is somewhat terrified of caring for a baby, which is pretty distressing considering she’s one of the more maternal women in the locker room. After she breaks down slightly before their second babysitting stint, Brie decides to stay in with her friends, catch up and order a pizza.