One and done

During a workout, Nia Jax tells Lana she doesn't necessarily need to wrestle in a WWE ring.

Lana’s big singles debut has finally come, and … it doesn’t seem like anybody has a lot of confidence that she can pull it off. Amid a flood of social media naysayers, Nia Jax gently, if indelicately, reminds Lana that with her managerial skills, she doesn’t really need to wrestle to achieve success in WWE. But in the afterglow of Carmella’s historic Money in the Bank win, The Ravishing Russian wants in on the action and will not be stopped. That is, until after her second match, when she’s pulled aside and informed that WWE has decided to pump the breaks on making her an in-ring performer. Lana is heartbroken, but Nikki Bella, who’s been giving her advice all episode, reassures her in a FaceTime call that she wouldn’t have gotten a second match if she hadn’t earned it and encourages her to keep her confidence going.