Survivor Series

Match Results

Time and location

Sunday, Nov 18 | 7 PMET/4 PMPT

Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey def. Charlotte Flair by disqualification

LOS ANGELES — The WWE Universe was excited to see the dream match between Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series. However, that dream quickly turned into a nightmare for Rousey, who won by disqualification after Flair blasted her with a Kendo stick in the midst of one of the most ruthless assaults in recent WWE history.

The match started off at a chaotic pace, with Charlotte showing no fear in the face of The Baddest Woman on the Planet, clobbering Rousey with a huge forearm shortly after the bell, and scrapping with the Raw Women’s Champion as the two traded submissions on the canvas. Flair even shoved Rousey to the canvas, letting her know that this ring was hers.

The Queen rocked the Raw Women’s Champion by throwing her face-first into the bottom turnbuckle, then worked over Rousey’s leg. When the Raw Women’s Champion regained the advantage briefly, Flair staggered her with an elbow to the jaw, busting Rousey open in the process.

Charlotte Flair unleashed a shocking and barbaric attack on Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey to abruptly end their dream match.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet’s supreme submission expertise soon turned the tides of the bout briefly, as the former MMA champion locked on a series of armbars, but Flair would not give up. The Queen soon locked on the Figure-Eight Leglock, though Rousey turned the hold over, setting off a scramble to the arena floor.

That was where Rousey began to turn things around, eventually hitting Flair with the devastating throw she now calls Piper’s Pit and attempting to lock on her trademark armbar. The Queen escaped and retreated to ringside, rolling in and back out to restart the referee’s 10-count. Rousey became fed up with Flair’s evasion tactics and slid out to give chase on the arena floor. What The Baddest Woman on the Planet hadn’t counted on, though, was Flair waiting for her with a Kendo stick.

The Queen blasted Rousey in the ribs with, then-splintered the Kendo stick across the arms and back of the Raw Women’s Champion. The official rang for the bell, but the carnage was just beginning.

Flair had another Kendo stick in the ring, and battered Rousey with that as well. Charlotte briefly left the ring, but The Queen returned to drive Rousey into a steel chair with Natural Selection. When officials tried to hold her back, The Queen tossed them aside, not worrying about any future fines or punishment. Flair then wrapped the chair around Rousey’s throat and ruthlessly stomped on it. Finally, the chaos came to an end, as a furious Queen left the ring.

Rousey staggered to her feet with welts from the attack raising on her flesh. This wasn’t what she, or the entire WWE Universe, expected from this dream match. But after suffering a brutal attack at the hands of SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch on Raw, and then this shocking assault at the hands of Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey has certainly learned what it takes to succeed at the highest levels in WWE.