Cesaro destroys beach ball during SummerSlam Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Free piece of advice for the WWE Universe: Don't play with a beach ball during one of Cesaro's matches. 

During the Raw Tag Team Title Match between champions Sheamus & Cesaro and challengers Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam 2017, The Swiss Cyborg became irritated when he noticed a beach ball bouncing around Barclays Center.

Instead of ignoring the distraction and focusing on the title defense, The Swiss Superman headed into the audience, grabbed the beach ball and tore it to shreds. 

The crowd erupted with applause at Cesaro's brash and unexpected move. Before long, they were chanting "This is awesome!" at the epic contest going on between the ropes. 

Cesaro had made his point clear: Forget about the beach ball; the real entertainment is happening in his ring.