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Barclays Center
Brooklyn, NY

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“The Demon” Finn Bálor def. Bray Wyatt

BROOKLYN, N.Y.  — The Demon descended on Brooklyn once again, making SummerSlam his infernal playground, as Finn Bálor vanquished Bray Wyatt in a battle of WWE’s most unsettling Superstars.

The fireflies were out in full force as The Eater of Worlds entered the sold-out Barclays Center, but Brooklyn came alive when The Demon emerged from the depths of Hell to enter battle with Wyatt. Bálor unleashed his rage at the opening bell rang, leaving The Eater of Worlds unsure of what to make of his demonic rival.

After The Eater of Worlds' creepy entrance, The Demon makes his own dramatic arrival for their highly anticipated rematch: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The Demon took firm control of the bout in its opening moments, letting out an aggression unlike anything the WWE Universe had ever seen from Bálor. Wyatt turned the tables by planting Bálor into the arena floor with a devastating slam, then exerted his will and bore down on the former Universal Champion. However, the viscous, acidic liquid that Wyatt covered Bálor in on Raw woke something up deep within the Irishman. When Wyatt went into his unsettling spider walk and approached his downed foe, The Demon leapt to his feet and let out a primal battle cry.

That roar spelt the end for The Eater of Worlds, as Bálor kicked into another gear, steamrolling over Wyatt and scaling the ropes to cave Wyatt’s chest in with a vicious Coup de Grace. Wyatt may have had the upper hand in mind games ahead of SummerSlam, but when he stood across the ring from The Demon at The Biggest Event of The Summer, The Demon stood tall in all his hellish glory.