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Barclays Center
Brooklyn, NY

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Big Cass def. Big Show

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Enzo Amore may have been the one in a Shark Cage, but it was Big Cass who turned SummerSlam into his own personal feeding frenzy.

The seven-footer cemented himself as a breakout singles competitor by defeating Big Show, all while his former tag team partner and Big Show’s current buddy, Amore, was suspended high above the ring in a Shark Cage. He even stole the spotlight from Muscles Marinara, making his entrance smack in the middle of one of Amore’s signature diatribes on the mic.

The Certified G is suspended high above the ring in a Shark Cage as former friend Big Cass clashes with Big Show in a gigantic showdown: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Cass started the match with one massive leg up on his foe, as Big Show’s potentially broken right hand — he still isn’t telling — was taped up, forcing the giant to lean hard on his left. It may have hampered The World’s Largest Athlete some, but the one-armed giant still had more than a puncher’s chance, maintaining a heavy advantage except for the odd maneuvers — a sidewalk slam and a less-than-full-strength KO Punch that exacerbated the injury.

That punch led Big Show to prop his hand up in the straps of his singlet, and Cass unleashed the full scope of his offense on the giant’s mangled paw. The seven-footer booted the giant right in the hand to bring him to the mat and stomped all over it, as Enzo’s trash-talking above the ring gave way to a wave of panic. Big Show slowly rallied, using his body to splash Cass into the corner and his left hand to execute a chokeslam, but neither packed enough power to put his opponent down for good.

Since Big Cass wouldn’t stay down, Enzo decided to come down. Muscles Marinara stripped himself to his skivvies and doused himself in oil, Groundskeeper Willie-style, to escape the cage. Cass immediately booted his old buddy into unconsciousness, then did the same to Big Show in short order, blasting the giant with two boots to the dome and, finally, a devastating Empire Elbow to end the match. Enzo liked to go on and on about Big Cass’ height, but perhaps it was ruthlessness that really couldn’t be taught.