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Sunday, Aug 20 | 7 PMET/4 PMPT

Barclays Center
Brooklyn, NY

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Neville def. Akira Tozawa to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — The King has returned.

After being usurped by Akira Tozawa in a stunning upset on Raw six days prior, Neville reclaimed the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam Kickoff, stripping The Stamina Monster of his title and emptying the trophy case of Titus Worldwide.

Humbled by his previous defeat and having learned from his lackadaisical attitude toward The Stamina Monster on Raw, Neville came out swinging against his challenger in the sold-out Barclays Center, looking like he had undergone a top-to-bottom revamp following his humiliation.

Following Akira Tozawa's incredible victory over Neville on Raw, The King of the Cruiserweights looks to reclaim his crown in a SummerSlam Kickoff Match.

Tozawa quickly answered, though, expelling Neville from the ring and pasting The King of the Cruiserweights with a series of kicks to the chest. Yet, much like on Raw, Neville quickly zeroed in on his mark: Tozawa’s previously injured shoulder, which he first targeted by shoving the challenger into the LED boards on the side of the ring.

The injury didn’t hamper Tozawa for long. The champion’s second wind came fast, and it came furious: A suicide headbutt, an octopus hold that turned Neville into a human pretzel, and a Shining Wizard that had the challenger seeing triple. Even when The King of the Cruiserweights went back to the left shoulder, Tozawa adjusted, using his right fist to drop the challenger off the top turnbuckle when Neville went for a superplex.

With his opponent prone on the mat after missing out on the maneuver, The Stamina Monster went for the top-rope senton splash. However, Neville had learned from his challenger: The King of the Cruiserweights raised his knees to block the move, bowing Tozawa’s spine and leaving him writhing face-down on the mat. Leaving nothing to chance, Neville ascended to the top rope, uncorking a breathtaking Red Arrow to the small of Tozawa’s back and reclaiming the WWE Cruiserweight Title three seconds later. Long live The King.