How are Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods feeling after Mr. McMahon and Daniel Bryan dashed Kofi's WrestleMania dreams on SmackDown LIVE?

Xavier Woods & Big E fuel rumors they’re quitting WWE with latest Twitter posts

A candid moment following Kofi Kingston’s crushing Gauntlet Match loss saw Big E & xXavier Woods, frustrated after Mr. McMahon threw a wrench in Kofi’s WrestleMania dreams at the end of a grueling Gauntlet Match, throwing out the idea of quitting WWE to their hurting friend. After all, it seemed that no matter what Kingston did, the WWE Chairman would just throw another roadblock in his path.

Kingston told them that wasn’t the right move to make, and to take time to think. After a night of reflection, Woods & Big E don’t seem to have budged from their line of thought.

The two posted videos to their personal Twitter accounts on Wednesday, frustrated at seemingly hitting a ceiling in their WWE careers, despite giving it their all.

Has the WWE Universe quite possibly seen the last of The New Day?

Kofi Kingston and The New Day are contemplating their future after a devastating loss on SmackDown LIVE.