Royal Rumble

Match Results

Time and location

Sunday, Jan 28 | 7 PMET/4 PMPT

Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, PA

The Revival def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Kickoff Match)

PHILADELPHIA — Raw 25 was as humiliating a night for The Revival as they could have feared, from a loss to Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson to a prolonged beating at the hands of D-Generation X and Finn Bálor. At Royal Rumble Kickoff, however, Dash & Dawson began to correct the record in a rematch against The Bálor Club’s resident enforcers.

Luke Gallows manhandles Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder in their hard-hitting tag team Royal Rumble Kickoff clash.

Dash & Dawson were out for punishment from the jump, using their well-honed savvy to cut the ring in half and isolate their opponents, one good brother at a time. Although Gallows was able to bully his way out of the 2-on-1 attack, Anderson was far less lucky. The Revival mangled his left knee in the ropes and focused the entirety of their attack on his vulnerable joint. Bending the rules as far as humanly possible, Dash & Dawson teamed up on their opponent for as long as the ref would allow, though the complexion changed significantly when Anderson finally reached Gallows.

The arrival of The Suntan Biker Man seemed to spell doom for The Revival, especially when The Good Brothers got Dash Wilder in position for a Magic Killer. Dawson saved his partner at the last second, breaking up the maneuver and luring Gallows into a chase outside that ended with the big man plowing face-first into the ring post. Anderson attempted to take care of things by himself, but Wilder kicked his injured leg out from under him and pinned him.

It might not have had the emphatic edge to it that some of The Revival’s signature wins have had, but it was Dash & Dawson at their best and as advertised: no frills, no mercy, and not an ounce of brotherly love to be found.