Ricochet def. Cesaro

Ricochet continues his high-impact rivalry with Cesaro on Raw.

The first reaction out of most people’s mouths after Ricochet and Cesaro’s barn-burner last week was mostly along the lines of, “So when’s the rematch?” They didn’t have to wait long: The two locked up for the second time this week, and the result did not disappoint — except, perhaps, for the Cesaro Section, who saw The Swiss Cyborg narrowly fall to his foe in an astounding display of top-tier athleticism.

Recapping each reversal and feat of strength in this match would take up too much real estate, suffice it to say that a reversal train of a hurricanrana into a powerbomb into a Canadian Destroyer only got two and wasn’t even the most amazing thing that happened in the match. That would be the deciding moments, when Cesaro, slumped against the ropes, found himself surprised by Ricochet, who fought through a still-injured midsection to handstand his way up the apron, perch atop Cesaro’s shoulders, hip-switch his way into a hurricanrana and spike his opponent into the mat for the win.

So … best of three?