Elias def. John Cena and Braun Strowman to earn the No. 6 entry position in the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

Statistically speaking, entrants No. 5 and 6 are most likely to win the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match, and thanks to an upset of titanic proportions on Raw, Elias has positioned himself comfortably as the final Superstar to clock in at The Road to WrestleMania’s most formidable stopover. That said, Braun Strowman might not let him skate to The Showcase of the Immortals so easily.

The first three confirmed Chamber competitors — John Cena, Strowman and Elias — clashed with the opportunity to be the final entrant into the Elimination Chamber Match at stake. The bout, predictably, was all Strowman at the start; Elias and Cena got those hands in such monstrous fashion that the two rivals had to join forces to take The Monster Among Men out of the running. It took two trips into the ring post, one into the steps, a set of steps to the face, a guitar to the back and an Attitude Adjustment on the steps, but it finally did the job … for a while, at least.

Strowman did indeed return down the stretch, and when he did, Elias was ready. Elias dodged an incoming Five-Knuckle Shuffle, sending Cena sprinting straight into a Running Powerslam. One shove of Strowman through the ropes later, and Elias stole the pin for himself. Strowman got the last word, however, dishing out multiple Running Powerslams to both Superstars after the bell. Technically, Elias will have to walk the shortest path to WrestleMania of all his fellow Men’s Elimination Chamber competitors, but a monstrous obstacle remains.