Asuka def. Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss

Last week, Asuka declared for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match by attacking Alexa Bliss. This week, the Raw Women’s Champion got a taste of what Asuka might actually do if she wins the Rumble Match in a first-time bout that wasn’t just WrestleMania-worthy, but a potential WrestleMania preview.

That Raw General Manager Kurt Angle didn’t make the first-time ever clash between Asuka and Bliss for the championship was the only mercy afforded to Five Feet of Fury; not only did Asuka power through a cagy opening sequence by the champion, but The Goddess’ enforcer Nia Jax was too busy delivering chicken soup to a flu-stricken Enzo Amore to back her up.

Alexa’s best chance was a cat-and-mouse game that paid dividends, thanks to a ruthless kick to the stomach that kicked off a monster run from Bliss. Alexa kept the pressure on, coming perhaps closer than anyone to shattering Asuka’s undefeated streak, but a slap to the face proved to be a fatal mistake from Little Miss Bliss. With her fighting spirit awakened, Asuka ripped off a near-spotless rally, culminating in a match-ending armbar that may well end up earning her a title opportunity in the future.