Raw General Manager Kurt Angle appeared on “Miz TV”

During a heated installment of "Miz TV," Raw General Manager Kurt Angle addresses The Big Red Machine's attack on SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan and the forthcoming battle for brand supremacy at Survivor Series.

MANCHESTER, U.K. — There’s no denying that The Miz’s haters bring out the best in him. It’d be hard to argue that The A-Lister’s return salvo against his Survivor Series opponent, Baron Corbin, and his below-the-belt trash talk wasn’t a showstopper in and of itself. But alas, moments later, Miz went in hard on another of his rivals, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, during a “Miz TV” interview and ended up with a truly monstrous problem on his hands.

The Intercontinental Champion vehemently took Angle to task for supposedly siccing Kane on SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan and Braun Strowman on The Miztourage last week (Angle denied the allegations), causing The Olympic Hero to almost throw hands. At this point, Miz quickly changed his tune and meekly asked Angle why he named the loose-cannon Strowman to the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team after the attack on Miz and his crew. In response, Angle revealed that Strowman was a greater negotiator than Miz gave him credit for, seeing as how he only agreed to join Team Raw if The Olympic Hero gave him a match with Miz. Which, being the savvy GM that he is, Angle was more than happy to grant.