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Kevin Owens def. Ryback to win the Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens wins his first title in WWE when he defeats Intercontinental Champion Ryback: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

HOUSTON — Night of Champions 2015 played host to an epic slugfest between Ryback and Kevin Owens that saw WWE’s prizefighter overcome The Big Guy to win his first WWE title and capture one of sports-entertainment’s most prestigious prizes in the Intercontinental Championship.

Owens and Ryback’s rivalry may be just a few weeks old, but you would’ve thought they were lifelong adversaries watching these behemoths battle it out inside the squared circle.

The Big Guy’s power was on full display during the early-goings as he literally threw his opponent from the ring via Gorilla Press Slam over the ropes to the outside. However, it didn’t take long for Owens to use his extensive ring experience to gain the upper hand over The Human Wrecking Ball, inflicting a brutal assault to the titleholder’s massive left arm.

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Despite his foe’s pinpoint calculating attack, the Intercontinental Champion refused to give in — perhaps feeding off the WWE Universe’s chants of “Feed Me More!” — battling back with brute strength.

After hitting his Meathook Clothesline off the ropes, Ryback seemed primed to finish the heated contest once and for all. Unfortunately for the determined champion, he failed to successfully deliver the Shell Shocked on Fight Owens Fight, as the experienced challenger wiggled out of the maneuver.

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The hulking Superstar looked to be on the verge of submitting, but even a one-armed Ryback has super-human strength. This was apparent when he reversed an armbar, lifting his 266-pound rival from the mat and slamming him back down to the ground. Ryback again went for his Shell Shocked finisher, but while atop The Big Guy’s shoulders, Owens took advantage of the referee’s blocked vantage point to rake the titleholder’s eyes and roll him up for the stunning pinfall victory.

Owens’ blunt, in-your-face rhetoric may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in front of a red-hot Houston crowd, the battle-tested fighter backed up the talk and walked the walk en route to winning his first WWE title.