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Cosmic Wasteland def. Neville & The Lucha Dragons (Kickoff Match)

Neville joins forces with The Lucha Dragons against Stardust & The Ascension on Night of Champions 2015 Kickoff.

HOUSTON – Kicking off the action at the sold out Toyota Center, Stardust and his henchmen, The Ascension, scored a win over Neville & The Lucha Dragons when Stardust struck Neville down with the Queen’s Crossbow.

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The six-man war was fast paced from the start and included an early standoff between both trios of Superstars in the middle of the ring. During the melee, a double dropkick sent The Ascension flying from the ring. Then in a lightning quick strike, Neville and The Lucha Dragons launched themselves onto their opponents on the arena floor.

In the end, it was a battle between Stardust and Neville that would determine the final outcome of the night’s opening bout.

Neville struck first when he stung Stardust with a Red Arrow. But Konnor intervened to save his partner from the pinfall. Stardust battled back, nearly getting the pinfall on Neville.

As Neville rebounded and went to the top rope, Viktor put a halt to an aerial assault in the making. Stardust capitalized by shoving Viktor into his foe and ending things with the Queen’s Crossbow.

With his past identity firmly behind him, and a strong showing at Night of Champions, what is next for Stardust?