DX vs. World Tag Team Champions Rated-RKO (No Contest)

Earlier in the evening, Team Rated-RKO told Todd Grisham that they were going to put a "painful and definitive end" to D-Generation X. At the end of the night however, it was a completely different story as DX bloodied and battered their cocky opponents, shocking the Kemper Arena crowd en route to an unprecedented devastation of the World Tag Team Champions.

Fighting a personal battle fueled by Rated-RKO's tasteless and unforgivable actions toward DX's friend Ric Flair, Triple H and HBK threw out the rulebook, and lived up to their promise to "break bones and rip flesh."

A potentially serious injury to Triple H couldn't hold the legendary duo from accomplishing their goal of dismantling their hated rivals. After a brief flurry from the tag champs, DX used a barrage of Pedigrees, Steel Chairs, and a little Sweet Chin Music to incapacitate their opponents. Kansas City's WWE fans roared in approval as blood leaked like a faucet from the foreheads and faces of Randy Orton and Edge. 

In the midst of all the chaos, Referee Marty Elias was caught in the crossfire. While the official word on the result was a no contest, the carnage around the ring and car-crash like imagery made it very clear that the battle, and maybe the war was won by D-Generation X.

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