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The Hype Bros def. The Colons (Kickoff Match)

ST. LOUIS — The “Return of the Zack” lived up to the hype and then some.

In their first match as a team in half a year, The Ultimate Broski & Mojo Rawley proved they hadn’t lost a step when they reteamed as The Hype Bros to defeat The Colons at WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff. Despite, on paper, being slight of underdogs heading into the contest — Ryder had been on the shelf for six months and Mojo was mired in a self-admitted slump — the reunited Hype Bros triumphed.

The returning Zack Ryder reunited with Hype Bros partner Mojo Rawley to battle The Colons in the Money in the Bank 2017 Kickoff Match. Courtesy of WWE Network.

While those two factors did indeed give The Colons an extra dose of confidence, Ryder more than held his own once the bell rang, and teed Mojo up for a supercharged run against Primo. The former WWE Tag Team Champion seemed both overwhelmed by Rawley’s imperviousness to pain and offended by the assertion that he was not, in fact, hype.

An opportunistic attack on Long Island Iced-Z’s surgically repaired knee put The Colons back in the driver’s seat, while Ryder tried in vain to mount a one-legged offense. When he finally taggecd in Rawley, however, all bets were off. The former NFL standout plastered Primo with the Hyperdrive, Ryder battled through the pain to obliterate an interfering Epico with the Broski Boot, and Mojo ceded the floor to Ryder for the decisive pinfall following the Hype Ryder.